Engine Bay Detail

Our extremely thorough engine bay detail, we leave nothing untouched with our engine bay details. Aimed at bringing this area back to brand new.

Oil marks? Grime build up? High mileage signs? Contact us now to book this service!

Full Process

  • Engine bay flushed with compressed air

  • Intricate areas vacuumed to remove embedded debris

  • Full engine bay degreased & agitated with all purpose cleaners

  • Full thorough rinse

  • Engine bay re-worked with delicate brushes & steam

  • Dried using compressed warm air

  • Metals polished where accessible

  • All plastics dressed leaving a natural factory look​​




Plastic permanent coatings

Time Taken:

3 hours

*Small print:

The price is dependant on the vehicle size & condition. Please contact us to discuss & confirm an accurate quote.