Interior Deep Clean

A full interior transformation to bring the inside of your vehicle back to brand new.

An intense overhaul aiming for perfection in the cabin.

Full Process

  • Interior emptied of all contents

  • Full thorough vacuum of the interior including seats, mats, carpets & boot area

  • Leather seats deep cleaned OR fabric seats wet vacuumed

  • Leather steering wheel deep cleaned

  • Floor mats wet vacuumed

  • Floor carpet wet vacuumed (where accessible)

  • Windows cleaned inside & out

  • Headliner & pillars steam cleaned

  • All plastics deep cleaned including vents & intricate areas

  • Odour eliminator applied to remove any remaining bad odours​​




Leather / Fabric coatings


Time Taken:

6 hours +

*Small print:

The price is dependant on the vehicle size & condition. Please contact us to discuss & confirm an accurate quote.