Paint Correction

Paint Correction is aimed at rectifying damaged/dull paintwork with swirl marks & scratches. Reviving the paintwork, restoring clarity, depth & gloss.

We offer multiple stage paint correction & a wide variety of paint protection products such as ceramic coatings & long lasting traditional carnauba waxes.

Full Process

  • Citrus based pre wash applied to the vehicle to loosen the build up of road grime

  • Snow foam applied to lift & remove the above, all intricate areas agitated with specific detailing brushes

  • Three bucket method safe wash with hot water & the highest quality shampoo, grit guards & wash mitts

  • Wheel faces & barrels cleaned using a variety of dedicated wheel brushes

  • Wheel arches & door/boot shuts agitated with a dedicated all purpose cleaner

  • Fuel filler area cleaned

  • Door & boot shuts cleaned

  • Chemical decontamination - Tar & iron removal to body & wheels

  • High pressure rinse through all stages

  • Dried using compressed warm air (Contactless drying)

  • Single stage paint correction / Multiple stage paint correction

  • Windows cleaned inside & out

  • Tyres & rubbers dressed

  • Metals polished




Ceramic coatings

Wax application

Time Taken:

12 hours +

*Small print:

The price is dependant on the vehicle size & condition. Please contact us to discuss & confirm an accurate quote.